HI All-

Hope everyone has recovered from our two storms well. The Board made a decision to move our member meeting to Nights of Columbus Center located at 70 Barret Rd. Webster, N.Y. Directions are on our website and in the newsletter. Gene also sent an email in February. This will help us to get our budget in line. Any donations to our chapter are very much appreciated. At our next board meeting we will start the process of the elections of officers for 2017-2019. The offices needed are President, Vice President ,Treasurer and Recording Secretary. Terms for these offices end in July. Our members will be notified how to nominate members and run for an office.

We can always use more hospital visitors especially now. If interested call Harvey Steron at (585) 442-7211. More volunteers in all areas are needed. It would be a big help to the few that are serving now. I realize some of you are not able to volunteer. Our membership has decreased. If you can and want to volunteer please call me (585) 571-4825 to discuss what area you can devote some of your time to.


Bruce Newton

President Chapter 50