Our Stars

The Chapter 50 Board of Directors would like to thank the following people who have helped us throughout the
“2016-2017 Season” in Rochester, as well as in Canandaigua. 

We couldn’t have done it without you!!!!!

Our Presenters 

Mervyn Weerasinghe, MD
G. Ronald Beck, RN, NP
Robert H. Israel, MD
Sandra Micelli, NP
Annette Grindle, RN, MS
J. Chad Teeters, MD
Ronald Kirshner, MD
Amy Craib, VP RGH
Bryan Henry, MD
Jim Fralick
Darcy Prunoske, RN
Richard McCaughey, MD
Cheryl Minchella
Justin M. Weis, MD
Chef Jeffrey McLean
Volunteer Visitors
Gene Binder
Bob Brown
Alan Elkin
John Fisk
Bob Flaherty
Mike Gallagher
Rollie Heimberger
Bob Hess
Harvey Steron
Ron Wheat
Newsletter Production
Amy Hall
Harvey & Cheri Steron
Marlene Adams 
Bruce Newton 
Gene Binder
Gene Binder
Barney Quinlan
Dave Lum
Health Fair Organizers
Marlene Adams
Gene Binder
Robert Brown
Anne Korenstein
Jennifer Kowal
Bruce Newton
Ann & Barnie Quinlan
Cheri Steron
American Heart Walk
Gene & Georgiana Binder
Harvey & Cheri Steron
Canandaigua Rose Walk
John and Mary Allhusen
Jim & Ellie Fralick
Laurie Lynn
Paul Millhausen